Arts & Crafts

  • Art by Nirathya { B.A – Baby of Arts 🙂 } –

    Water colors were given to my 2 year 9 months old daughter “Nirathya” and whenwe  encouraged her to draw, she drew  some paintings. We observed features of

    certain creatures in her drawings.

  1.  Crocodile -I drew only the the eye-ball whereas the entire painting was made by my daughter

    “Nirathya.” This is the first painting of Nirathya.

Cute Croco by Nirathya

2. Camel –  I extended only the hump after looking at the neck portion painted by Nirathya.

A camel  by  Nirathya

3. Antique Vase – I drew only the outline of the vase .

antique vase.jpg
Antique Vase by Nirathya

4.  Butterfly – I observed the antennae and colorful wings. So i drew only the outlines to the painting finished by Nirathya.

Butterfly by Nirathya

5. Decorated Ox- I noticed the face of an ox, a hump and legs. So i demarcated them with boundaries.

decorated ox.jpg
Decorated Ox

6. A bird looking into a pot – The whole painting was made by Nirathya

A bird looking into a pot by Nirathya

7. Woman Hunter- I beheld a woman hunter with a bow, quiver. Her hair was red colored. Even her legs and attire were clearly painted by Nirathya. Alongwith the hunter,I could notice a falling dead crow. So i gave only the boundaries to the paintings,finishing to the face of the hunter.


woman hunter.jpg

Woman hunter by Nirathya

8 . Mother Nature – I could  find a beautiful elongated eye drawn by my daughter Nirathya . So I gave an outline to a woman’s face which has the colors of the nature.

mother nature.jpg
Mother Nature by Nirathya

10. Peacock – 
After seeing the long azure colored neck and multi colored features that resembled that of a peacock , I painted only the head region,eye and gave an outline to the feathers.

Peacock by Nirathya

11. Profile of Horse –  I just drew a line at the mouth region of the horse.
The remaining painting was done by Nirathya. 

horse profile.jpg
Profile of horse by Nirathya